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About Himachal Pradesh

After independence of India, Himachal was declared as Union territory but later on its status was raised to part 'C' state till 1966 when some hilly areas of Punjab were merged in this due to re-organization of Punjab state. It's About Himachal Pradesh History if want to visit with Himachal Tourism. However, it was declared a full-fledged state on 25.1.71 with 12 districts. It is larger in area than Punjab, Haryana and Kerala. It is located in the north-west of India in the lap of Himalaya.

Geography of Himachal

Geography of Himachal
Capital Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, which has been the summer capital of the government of India during English rule.
Geography of Himachal Area 55,673 Sq. Kms
Population 5.11 Millions (Male : 2.56 millions, Females : 2.55 millions)
Languages English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and local dialects known as Pahari, are understood and spoken by different by different people in different places.

Festival of Himachal

Himachal is the land inhabited by simple, god fearing and colorful people who are great believers in the powers and blessings of their local deities. They bring their deities to the fairs to celebrate the occasions. They dance, enjoy wearing colorful dresses and ornaments on these fairs. In addition Festival of Himachal they make purchases and take the required articles back to their homes.

Handicraft of Himachal
Isolated as they are, due to the high altitudes, the people of Himachal Pradesh are by and large, self contained and have developed through the years a rich tradition of handicrafts, totally original and distinctive.Handicraft of Himachal range from wood-work to leather embroidery, metal wares to carpets and woolen textiles. New designs are being added to the traditional ones and new markets, both in India and abroad, are being discovered. Handicraft of Himachal Pradesh femous in all ovre India.

Handicraft of Himachal

Language of Himachal

Hindi is the state language but people mostly converse in 'Pahari'. This language has various dialects or sub-languages and knwon as Language of Himachal. Grierson in his linguistic survey had called it 'Western Pahari' and had demarcated its area from Jainsar Bawar in the Uttar Pradesh hills (near Dehra Dun) to Bhadarwah in Jammu and Kashmir.

Thrilling Wild life in himachal

Wild Life in Himachal
Himachal Pradesh has a varied topography, climate and forest cover and is endowed with a vast variety of flora and fauna. From times immemorial, this tract is known for its wilderness, landscapes, beautiful forests and wildlife. Wild Life In Himachal Pradesh, out of the total geographical area of 55,670 sqkm, the forest area as per legal classification is 37,691 sqkm. At present there are 32 Sanctuaries, 2 National Parks and 3 Games Reserves.

Temples of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh a land of God and Godess. It is also called "Devabhoomi". There are many temples in Himachal Pradesh. There are more than 2000 religious places scattered and temples all over Himachal Pradesh. Many of these are quite well-known and attract thousands of devotees throughout the year. Temples of Himachal Pradesh are also the main tourist attraction. Mostly public of Himachal is Hindu. There are many temples in Himachal Pradesh like Bhootnath Temple, Syamakall Temple, Raghunath Temple, and Bijli Mahadev Temple.


Cuisines in Himachal

Cuisines in Himachal might not be as rich and varied as many other Indian states yet it definitely has a uniqueness of its own. Influence of Punjab and Tibet can be clearly seen in the Himachal cuisine. Moreover, the geographical and climatic conditions of the state have also had an impact on the way and kind of dishes prepared in the state.
Cuisines in Himachal world famous

Passes in Himachal

As per dictionary definition a pass is "a way, such as a narrow gap between mountains, that affords passage around, over, or through a barrier". The state of Himachal Pradesh is dominated by three main mountain ranges that spread over the entire area. Passes in Himachal ranges are the Dhauladhar Range (4500-5000 m), Pir Pinjal Range (5000m ) and the Great Himalayan Range (over 6000 m). As such the presence of passes in Himachal is quiet obvious.


Awesome Valleys in Himachal

Valleys in Himachal

The valleys in Himachal Pradesh are abode of natural beauty and cultural richness. Passing through these valleys, you will feel as if you have stepped into an altogether new world. The surroundings, people, their customs and traditions will leave you completely awestruck.

Monasteries in Himachal

The monasteries in Himachal Pradesh are highly significant and revered by the people of all religion. These monasteries do not just preserve the rich Buddhist culture in the state, but also make for an attractive tourists destination. Quiet a few of these monasteries have gained fame on international level, while many others are popular just locally.


Museum & Art Gallery of Himachal

A number of Museum & Art Gallery of Himachal dot the land of Himachal Pradesh. These Museums and Art Galleries preserve the rich historical and cultural heritage of the state with utmost sincerity and take care that the rich legacy of past is not washed away with the tides of time. A visit to these Museums and Art Galleries will introduce you to this past that has shaped up the present state of Himachal.
Museum and Art Gallery of Himachal

Tribes of Himachal

Tribes Himachal Pradesh has a considerable percentage of tribal population in the state. These tribal include the Kinners or Kinnaure, the Lahules, the Spitians, the Pangwalas, the Gaddis and the Gujjars. By nature, these people are highly sociable and like to make friends. This is despite the fact that they do not stay at one place and continue to move around. The tribal of Himachal Pradesh follow their own set of traditions and customs.


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